Years ago when we started doing landscape lighting the standard incandescent lightbulb or halogen was the only option. Now you can get the same level of light output at 1/4 of the use of energy and the bulbs last over 6x as long while running cooler. The average halogen bulb has a life span of 5,000 hours. LED’s can last 35,000 hours. If you run your lights 8 hours a day then that is almost 12 years!! When LED’s first started working their way into the outdoor lighting market they were very expensive as well. Today that is not the case. LED’s are just slightly more than standard bulbs and the befits vastly outweigh the small price increase. Now you also have more color temperatures to choose from. In the past LED’s were very cool colored (bright white or almost even a blue hint). Now days they blend right in with halogen bulbs and  you can pick the color you want them to be.

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Another great benefit is that most of the time we can retrofit your existing system to LED’s. Contact us to have a professional come out and evaluate what we can do to help save you money and headache in the future.

With our new transformers we can even allow you to control the lighting system with your smart device. This allows you to tune your lighting or dim it how you want it to be from the comfort of your house. The app is available in both the Apple App Store and in Google Play. We are of course still running standard timers and photocells for those who prefer to keep things simple.