Landscape lighting is a beautiful thing. Using light to paint the picture or set the mood of your house at night. The landscape system is fairly simple to maintain and with these 5 tips you can keep  your system looking new for years to come.

  1. Clean your lenses. We would never think of not cleaning the windows of our house, car, or glasses. Your landscape lenses are no different and due to their environment they need it more than most! It is a good practice to go out with a rag and some glass cleaner and wipe down the lenses of your  lighting fixtures quarterly. This keeps them from getting heavy oxidation on the lenses which can change the light pattern and reduce the effect of the light.
  2. When removing the lens shade wipe down the inside and outside of the shade and where it slips over the body of the light. There is normally an O-Ring there and that helps seal the light and protect the bulb. Even applying a small amount of dielectric grease can help preserve that ring and keep your fixtures lasting a long time.
  3. When replacing the bulbs it is OK to use dielectric grease on the pins going into the ceramic. A small amount will help prevent corrosion. If the metal contact pins becomes damaged then normally just the ceramic can be replaced and the remainder of the fixture is still good to use.
  4. Check your photocell’s and timers to ensure they are running properly and not just running all day. These systems are normally pretty reliable but it is always good to ensure that the system is on when you want it on and off when you want it off. The photocell will turn your system on when it gets dark. This means you want it in an area thats going to get average lighting. Not facing bright lights but not in the dark where it will always kick the system on. These photocells can normally be replaced independently if they do go bad.
  5. Change your bulbs as needed. Sometimes systems were installed with bulbs that made sense at the time of the install but then later as things changed you made need wider pattern of light or more light in general. This is also a good time to install LED bulbs to save energy and increase the lifespan of your bulbs. We recommend and sell VISTA LED bulbs. They have done a great job in not just implementing a LED light into a landscape fixture but building a whole new bulb for our specific application.

Thanks for reading and we hope this helps you keep your lighting system in great running condition. Of course if you are needing someone to come and provide a seasonal maintenance check on the system then just give us a call and we will take care of your existing system.

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